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H2O is here to help, our location gives us easy access to all major routes meaning we are able to provide a whole range of services from drain unblocking, CCTV surveys and full drain installations across the North East of England. A call to one of our experienced staff will help get your drainage issues dealt with swiftly whether that be a blocked sink, overflowing drain, blocked toilet domestic or commercial. With a wealth of knowledge and the most up to date equipment you can rest knowing our drain engineers are dedicated, reliable and will help find the real cause of the drain problem and offer you the most cost-effective solution.

Our Services

Asset Mapping

We use innovative technology to survey drains. This is cost effective and highly reliable. From the information we gather we can then produce an accurate, comprehensive survey of the drainage system, including PDF plans, data spreadsheets and survey sheets.

Blocked Drains

We provide an unblocking service 24 hours a day 365 days a year, aiming to get to our client as quickly as possible to minimise disruption.

CCTV Surveys

Using advanced CCTV survey technology, we can carry out drainage surveys of domestic and commercial drains and sewers without little to no disruption to the customer.

Drain Cleaning

Whether domestic or commercial, clear drains and pipes are essential to keeping your property running efficiently. This can also prevent serious damage in the future whilst also cleaning away any grime, fat, grease and other build up which can cause blockages.

Drain Repairs & Installation

Drain repairs need carried out for a variety of issues, from repairing hair line cracks to collapses. Acting on the problems straight away means we can offer several types of repairs ranging from a non-invasive no dig drain re-lining or a full drain excavation and replacement.

Graffiti Removal/Surface Cleaning

As well as all drainage services we also offer surface cleaning, with specialist equipment we can remove a mixture of graffiti, stains and build up that may have gathered over many years.

Grease Traps/Management

We can offer a full range of services, including routine maintenance, emergency callouts, repair works, emptying and disposing of the fat oil and grease as well as full installations.

Gutter Cleaning

Over time gutters become filled with moss, leaves and debris preventing them from doing their job correctly. We offer a top-quality gutter cleaning service which helps keep your gutters working effectively.

Jet Vac Combination Tankers

Tanker jetting units are used to remove solid and semi solid waste from manholes, grease traps, gullies, interceptors, cess pools and sump pumps. These jetting units are designed for use in large diameter drains and pipes.

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