Drain Cleaning

High pressure water jetting involves the use of high-pressure water to wash away and clean any debris inside the lines. The water is pressurised creating a strong force which is effective in removing different types of materials and debris in the line. Whether domestic or commercial, clear drains and pipes are essential to keeping your property running efficently and helps to prevent serious damage in the future whilst also cleaning away any grime, fat, grease and other build up which can cause blockages. Our engineers are equipped with a high-pressure water jetting unit with a variety of drain jetting equipment, nozzles and accessories that are suitable for drainage systems of all shapes and sizes.

Electromechanical Cleaning

Another method of cleaning is by using our electromechanical machine, this enables us to clean pipes where access may be limited, or the pipe is internal. This method can clear almost any blockage. Cutters and blades fitted to rotating flexible steel cables cut away hard to remove debris such as tree roots and hardened deposits of grease, silt, rubble and scale. The machine comes in a range of sizes depending upon the task. Electro-mechanical cleaning is the ideal method to clear a variety of blockages from areas such as waste runs, sinks, urinals, baths, showers, main drains, sewers and gullies, and vertical stack pipes. When used to descale pipework and remove tree roots the result is almost 100% effective, restoring full bore to the pipework. After electromechanical cleaning we would always recommend using high pressure water to clean the line afterwards to make sure no bits of debris are left in the line.

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