Drain Repairs & Installation

Drain repairs need to be carried out for a variety of issues, from repairing hair line cracks to collapses. We understand defects within your drainage system can be daunting and a nuisance however if these issues aren’t tackled as soon as they are found this can lead to much bigger issues in the future including leaks, flooding, structural damage and water ingress to name a few. If the defects are left for too long this can cause catastrophic damage to the drain and surrounding areas which could potentially lead to needing a full drain system replacement. Acting on the problems straight away means we can offer several types of repairs ranging from a non-invasive no-dig drain re-lining or a full drain excavation and replacement. Our experienced engineers will talk you through the options available to you and provide a full no-obligation quotation to carry out and complete these works. All repairs can be carried out on plastic, pitch fibre and traditional clay pipe. Some of the repairs offered include re-lining, cracked pipes, root ingress, drain excavation and patching.

Trenchless Technology – Patch Lining

Patch repair or trenchless technology is a repair method where a full-length liner is not needed. Patch repairs are carried out using a resin liner impregnated fibreglass that is then wrapped around an inflatable packer, this is then pushed into place and inflated. This is left until the liner has cured in the pipe (usually a couple of hours). Once cured the packer is deflated and removed from the pipe leaving the repair still in place. This method can be used on all pipe types and is ideal for small cracks, fractures, joint displacements and deformities as well as preventing roots from growing back once removed. We have a range of packers ensuring we can repair pipes and bends from 100mm – 1500mm. These can all be inserted through standard manholes chambers reducing further disruption. These generally only take a few hours to complete with minimal equipment needed and without the need for any excavation.

Pipe Relining

Pipe lining is a drain repair technique that installs a new pipe inside the existing damaged pipe, the pipe relining method eliminates the need for disruptive excavations. The pipe lining service provided by our qualified engineers allows the pipe to return to new condition at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. The process consists of a material similar to GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) impregnated with a poly resin. Water or air is then used to mould the impregnated liner inside the old pipe where curing takes place within a couple of hours. This prevents the need for time-consuming and costly excavations, extends the life of the damaged pipe, improves drain flow, the lining is resistant to corrosion and ground movement as well as preventing root penetration and leaks

Drain Excavation

A drain excavation is always last resort and happens when a business or commercial properties suffer catastrophic drain damage, although uncommon in some instances the only option is to carry out an excavation. A hole or trench is dug either manually or using a small excavator to access the damaged pipe. We will then replace the pipe and ensure they are in full working order as quickly as possible with minimum disruption to your routine. The area is then reinstated and back to its original condition without showing any signs of us being there.

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