Grease Traps/Management

Grease traps are used in a wide range of environments including restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools and pubs. Grease traps (fat traps and grease separators) are an essential part of any commercial or industrial kitchen. It is vital that they work efficiently so that they prevent grease, fat, oils and grease from entering and contaminating as well as causing blockages in drainage systems. If not maintained correctly these can cause health and safety risks as well as hygiene problems. Leaving grease trap waste for too long can cause damage to your grease trap through the release of toxic substances which can then be disruptive and costly down the line. By planning ahead and implementing regular grease trap cleaning and emptying service, you can save time and money by avoiding costly callouts and repairs. Our engineers will work with you to schedule maintenance around your business, whilst also meeting the required legal and environmental standards. This ensures your kitchen can continue to run whilst also remaining compliant.

We can offer a full range of services, including routine maintenance, emergency callouts, repair works, emptying and disposing of the fat oil and grease as well as full installations. The Environment Agency are required to see evidence that regular cleaning of the grease trap has been carried out and any waste that has been removed is disposed of by a registered waste carrier.

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